Apply international scholarship and win!

Have you ever dreamt to get international internship or study in the University of your dream, but don’t have enough money, reliable contacts or knowledge how to do it?

Then, you are in the right place!

I will support you with information where to have internship, how to get scholarship and what steps to make for reaching your goal.

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I will support you with information where to get internship, HOW TO GET SCHOLARSHIP, and what steps to make for reaching your goal.

It Is Definitely For You If....

01. You Are Finishing School/Bachelor

You may apply to scholarship to foreign university to study at Bachelor Degree Program. The preparation process takes 1 year before application. Don't lose your time an start acting!

02. You study at Bachelor /Master

While you are studying at home University you may apply to get financial support for semester exchange program or to make a research during 3- 6 months.

03. You Think About PhD Degree

You may continue after getting Master Degree. Keep developing and make a great contribution to society and your country development acquiring PhD degree in advanced University

04. You are currently teaching/ a practitioner

There are several programs for getting teaching or professional experience abroad. Usually it takes at least 1 year or 3 years depending on the country of applying.

Hi there! My name is Olga

I help people to get international experience by participating in study, internships or volunteer programs.
I have more than 15 years experience developing international educational projects, international students’ admission process and have expertise in international educational funds and financial programs. I have acquired knowledge of US, European, Asian and Latin American international high education policies and practices of enrollment management

The Guidance Steps

After passing through application process plenty of times, I have developed step by step guidance which will increase the nimber of your possitive results, improve your docuemnts quality and contribute to your international career. I have won more than 10 personal scholarship and have already supported dozens of international students!

01. Best Scholarship For You

We will compile a list of educational institutions, mobility and scholarship programs which are appropriate exactly for you concerning your interests, terms and experience

02. Extra Curricular Activities

We will provide the description of opportunites which involve additional activities and projects to assist in improving your CV and making it competitive enough to win the scholarship.

03. Professional Documents Guidance

We will teach how create high qulity scientific proposal, motivation letter, references, CV, essay which are obligatory documents to apply. They are likely to be the main documents to decide your further fate in the process of selection.

04. Interview Preparation

We will describe the issues asked during interviews and how to distribute your efforts, what to pay attention to in order to achieve top results in tests for admission. You will follow withtrial interviews to be ready for the main one.

05. Search for your supervisor abroad

Some scholarship programs require the provision of supervisor from University or institution you are going to apply. We will support you in this process by providing tips how to write the best letter to attract attention and where to find him/her.

06. Overcoming challenges

During application all challenges, misconcerns and misunderstaning will be solved under our guidance and all bureaucratic issues will be overcome together. As a result you will get clear understanding of steps which you may apply again and again in further programs participation.

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